What about Stainless Steel?

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I have a lot of stainless steel in my house. We always used to use the Pledge Stainless Steel cleaner… because it worked! But when we started changing over to an “all natural” home… my stainless steel seemed like it was never “Streak free” with our chemical-free spray-on cleaner (aka Thieves Concentrate Spray).

So I tried an experiment and it worked WONDERFULLY!

Here’s the before photo of our dishwasher… (yes, we have 6 kids, ha ha)Thieves Cleaner and Coconut Oil to the Rescue

Here’s what we did:

I got a soft cloth and dipped the end in coconut oil (mine was a solid so I just scraped my rag in there and got one side of my rag covered with a thin layer of the oil). Then I sprayed on some of our Young Living Thieves Cleaner over the Coconut Oil… probably about 10 squirts. Young Living Thieves Concentrate Cleaner

I buffed the stainless steel with the cloth in a circular motion for about 3-4 minutes. (The coconut oil is what really gave it the extra boost!) I never had to re-apply the Theives or the Coconut Oil to the rag… once was enough… but if you don’t get enough the first time, go ahead and add more.. and if you got too much, just wipe it around on the stainless steel and then flip the rag to a clean side to buff it out.

Here was the end result:Young Living Thieves Cleaner Concentrate

Gorgeous, right?

We LOVE being natural and cleaning with products that don’t create new health problems!!

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