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Christina Stica

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bd4a1474I’ve been using Young Living essential oils and products for approximately two years, and I have never felt better!!! I feel like a better mom, and I love that with essential oils- I have a safe and effective way to care for my family when something comes up, or just their general wellness.

I was first introduced to essential oils after having my second child. I was struggling (with everything that moms struggle with), and I read somewhere that lavender oil helps promote relaxation, so I ordered some lavender from amazon, not paying attention to the brand at all. I could not tell that it worked or helped me. Then, a couple months later, my friend Chelsea began posting on facebook about Young Living essential oils and how they were working for her family and changing the way they took care of their kids, so I contacted her. I was impressed with Young Living’s company info, but still very skeptical. However, with two babies, I figured it was worth the risk to try it out and see if it helped us- if for no other reason than just to help keep me calm:)) And, the rest is history- YOUNG LIVING IS THE REAL DEAL- these products WORK!!!

My hubby was skeptical at first, but now he asks me for oils, or to make sure I don’t run out of his fav YL products:)) Young Living has truly changed our lifestyle, and we have never felt better:))

I would love to share some of what I’ve learned and help other families, and other mamas- learn and implement changes as well.