Coren Larsen
Started using oils Aug. 2015
Author, Blogger, Mommy, Pastors wife, Health Enthusiast
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Coren Larsen 

Oils for the Whole Family, Oils for Emotions, Oils for Health/Beauty Businesses


I am the skeptic!  You know that person that wouldn’t have believed that natural anything could work?  That’s me!  When my sister-in-law introduced me to Young Living, I had so many doubts…but thought…it can’t hurt, right?  So, I started on this journey in August 2015 and dragged my little family along with me.  I am amazed that in just this short time our whole family has made a giant leap in making our lifestyle healthy and our home free of toxic chemicals.  We have discovered the benefits of natural living and we are loving it!  No regrets, no turning back…no more toxic chemicals for my family.  This skeptic has now become one of the loudest voices for natural living.  Young Living’s compassion, values and affordability have made it easy to transition to this lifestyle. My new passion is to live a life full of wellness, purpose and abundance and to show others how they can do the same.