Although we have seen essential oils work time and time again… we have read hundreds of studies on their effectiveness… we have researched thousands of hours on the human body, it’s functions, it’s common ailments, and the history of essential oils used in medicine…. we are not doctors.  Therefore, we encourage a way of life that is full of independent thinking, original ideas, and being real and true to yourself.

Please know that our statements are our opinions, our suggestions, and our experiences. They are not approved by the FDA and if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have other health issues, consult a doctor before adding to or taking away from your current health regimen (medications, Dr. recommendations, etc). We encourage our fellow oil users to learn as much as they can about essential oils and the body… to know your body’s signs and symptoms, and to always seek emergency medical treatment in an emergency. We are here to help you, encourage you, and guide you on a path to better health and wellness, but all of your healthcare decisions are in your own hands.

… and isn’t that EXCITING & EMPOWERING ???

Have an awesome day.