Our Favorite Summer Lotion

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One of the things we are wanting to do is to cut toxins from our home and lives…

We have worked hard to support wellness in a variety of ways and replace a lot of things in our home with a natural version… but the DIY bath, body and beauty products was a little more complex… it requires mixing, measuring and making lots of fun stuff…

I was a little overwhelmed at first, but then I realized there are a few really simple recipes we can use to replace everything in our home with something natural!

There are many different DIY summer lotion recipes out there… this is just one of them… but it’s one that was quick, easy and effective (which is important for our family of 8!)

Here’s what we did:

The Ingredients

The Ingredients



Step 1:

We got a full bottle of Young Living’s Lavender Lotion and emptied the contents into a glass bowl.

Step 2:

We emptied a full bottle of Young Living’s Carrot Seed oil into the bowl.







Step 3:  We dropped about 80 drops of Young Living’s Myrrh oil into the bowl.

Make sure you have a big clean work space :)

Make sure you have a big clean work space 🙂


Step 4:

We blended the 3 ingredients really well and used a funnel and rubber spatula to pour it all back into the original lavender lotion bottle.

Blend together well!

Blend together well!

Step 5:

We applied about 20 minutes before going into the sun. (We also wear floppy hats or ball caps and swim shirts if we’re going to be in the sun all day…)  We REAPPLIED every 2-3 hours if not in water and 90 minutes or so if in water. (More for the baby)… this is when we went to water parks and were in the sun all.day.long!! 🙂



Just for afternoons in the sun usually 1-2 applications is more than enough! 🙂

Hope you love it as much as we do!! 🙂


Love, Jordan

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