Started using oils April 2015
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Jen Kroo 

Essential Oil Interests: Preventative Health with Oils, Oils for 50+


My oil journey began as an older adult beginning to suffer with all kinds of aches and pains that I really had no actual diagnosis for.  Years before I had gone to a dentist’s office and managed to pick up a what is known now as clostridium difficile.  This spore forming bacteria completely wiped out my digestive system causing internal bleeding and extreme diarrhea, making it where I lost over 20 pounds in a very short time because I could not eat.

I was extremely sick for over 4 months and at that time the doctors had no remedy and treated it like a common case of diarrhea.  Today if someone is diagnosed with c. difficile, you are placed in the hospital and in isolation!  Needless to say eventually I found my own way to deal with this illness and eventually was able to eat again.  It left me though with a completely different body that was highly reactive and prone to all kinds of “weird” aches and pains.

I had heard of Essential Oils but only extremely remotely, understanding them to be something that you could buy at the local health food store.  I thought they were more like a liquid vitamin or something and because I didn’t have much luck with vitamins, I dismissed them entirely.

My older daughter was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in early 2015 and started talking to me about them. She had been invited to a YL open house and as she sat there she thought, “This is exactly what would help my Mom”.  She got involved with Young Living in part as a way to help me!

I don’t have much faith in the medical establishment and have always had an open mind about alternative therapies, so when she started to talk about them I was very receptive.  She decided that rather than wait until I had the time and the inclination to order some oils and try it out, she would  send me a shipment of both Ningxia Red and an assortment of oils to try.  That as they say, is the rest of the story because the moment I tried them I have had phenomenal results.

All the symptoms that I had been complaining about have pretty much dissapeared and honestly, I feel like I am in my early 40’s again.  People on the street have even stopped me to comment on how beautiful and healthy my hair looks!  The Young Living products to me are a “god-send” because I was without hope that there was anything that could help my steady detioration and general malayse.

I feel vibrant and alive and am excited to share with others, the natural, clean, healthy Young Living product line.  If you are looking for a way to combat the steady march of time and what many consider “inevitable” aging process, please contact me as I share with you specifically what it was like, exactly what I did and what it is like now!