Started using oils July 2014
Mom/Wife/Call center worker
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Jennifer Lynn Meeks 

Essential Oil Interests: Oils for the Whole Family, Oils for Emotions


Why did I start with Young Living? Other than my friend advising me on how oils had helped her, I started once I saw the blessing that they were when I just tried them out!img_3138

This is the company I chose after trial. It was because of Young Living’s honesty and that the oils come straight from their farms you can actually go to!

Using them during labor and to help my mom have relief as she was passing worked beautifully. During my last labor, I used only oils for my birthing process and afterward for healing purposes. I recovered much quicker than I did with my other deliveries! I use the oils daily and even more for my kids when they seem to be getting sick.

I desire to share with others; why and how, so that they can have a chance to be healthier and enjoy life more without as much sickness and a happier and more blessed lifestyle!