Started using oils Oct. 2014
Stay at Home Mom
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Kendra Pope 

Essential Oil Interests: Oils for the Whole Family, Preventative Health with Oils


Hi! I’m so glad you’re checking out Young Living Essential Oils! I’m Kendra, a stay at home mama of 5 children under the age of 8. My husband and I are in full time ministry and were not looking for Young Living when it found us. I still can’t of believe how much Young Living and essential oils have changed our lives for the better. When my dear friend shared them with me, I was so skeptical and really overwhelmed with the thought of trying something new. After I did some reading and research on all of the toxic things in our homes these days, I knew I needed to make some changes for our families health. I jumped in with my starter kit and had that diffuser running the very day I got it! 1 month at a time I began replacing products with YL’s plant-based, toxic free options and today we are nearly toxin free! The first products I changed were deodorant and toothpaste, then cleaners and other personal products.


I LOVE the versatility of EO’s and how they have been faithful home remedies to us since day 1. I enjoy fitness and staying healthy and have found that the supplements give me the boosts that I need. I’m so excited to share them with whoever will listen because everyone deserves to know there is a better option out there! I believe we need to be educated and empowered to take care of ourselves in the best way possible and Young Living gives me the opportunity to do that for my family and for families everywhere. We are stronger, healthier and happier because of it. I’d love to support you on your journey to health, wellness and abundance!