Started using oils Dec. 2012
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Lindsay Haymes

Essential Oil Interests: Oil Research and Preventative Health with Oils


I am so fortunate to have found Young Living’s essential oils and products. Young Living has changed the way I think about all harsh, toxic chemicals in my home and beauty products, in what I eat, and quite frankly everything I put in and on my body. While I was skeptical of essential oils initially, I have become very passionate about telling people the ways Young Living essential oils have supported better physical, mental and emotional health and wellness for me and my family. I believe in Young Living essential oils and products because of the company’s commitment to quality. Young Living’s essential oils are unparalleled – the company controls every step of their oils’ lives from the time the seed goes into the ground until the seal goes on the bottle.

Essential oils have done so much for my health and mind. I am healthier than I have ever been. I am so thankful to Young Living for giving me so many quality, natural alternatives to everyday health, beauty and home products. Having access to nature’s health-promoting botanicals is an amazing gift.