Started using oils November 2015
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Lisa Ladd 

Essential Oil Interests: Oils for the Whole Family, Preventative Health with Oils


I’ve always been a big proponent of Eastern medicine. My first experience with herbs and oils was when I was pregnant. It took my husband and I eight long years to get pregnant due to an unknown medical ailment. So when we finally did conceive, I was advised to participate in acupuncture to help carry my pregnancy. During this process, a specific combination of oils was used by the acupuncturist to help maximize the success of my pregnancy. I’m happy to announce that we have a beautiful little girl…an answer to prayer!

Four years later I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. I didn’t need convincing. I already knew some of the healing effects that they had. Not to mention that I’ve wanted a chemical free home for some time. So within a month of being introduced, I joined and received my kit. I’m excited to say I’m on my way to a chemical free home and even more excited with all the benefits I have and will receive with my oils. We currently have been using them to help with medical issues such as backaches, headaches, tension and the skin condition known as eczema. Most recently, I utilized my oils to head off my daughters cold as well as shorten mine. I have no doubt that if I had started with the essential oils regiment at the first sign of my cold it would have eliminated my illness as well.

I’m excited to share more with you! Please feel free to email me with any questions. I want you to be able to share in the benefits of Young Living’s Essential Oils as well. It’s a much healthier alternative to Western medicine and their seed to seal process is unmatched.