Started using oils March 2014
Wife and Mother
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Megan Jobes 

Essential Oil Interests: Oils for the Whole Family, Preventative Health with Oils, Oil Research, Oils for Athletes, Oils and DIY Recipes


A few years ago, pre-kids, my husband and I made a decision to try live a more natural lifestyle. It became a passion of mine to support my family’s health as “clean” as possible, especially since kids were going to be in our near future. I felt like we were on a pretty good path, but I knew something was missing. Around the time I was due to have our second child, I was introduced to Young Living. Immediately, I was blown away on the research and honesty Young Living provides. I knew Young Living was the answer I had been looking for, and I had to have these products in my life ASAP!! I bought the Premium Starter Kit while I was still in the hospital after just giving birth (I am not even kidding)!! After using the oils in the Premium Starter Kit for a short time on myself, the kids, and my husband, I was convinced every single home in the world needed to know about Young Living. Fast forward to now, my family and I haven’t been to the Dr, except for well visits, in 2 years!!!

After diving into all the other products Young Living offers, we were able to cut toxins from our home so much easier than I had ever thought, improved our overall health, and gained so much more knowledge in what we were bringing into our home and putting on/in our bodies. I will forever be thankful for Young Living!