Started using oils April 2014
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Melva Kirkley

Essential Oil Interests: Oils for the Whole Family & Preventative Health with Oils


image (1)I am a wife, mother, grandmother and friend who is passionate about healthy living. I am not one to go for fads or the current trends so my first reaction to essential oils was..”so what is the big deal”.  However, being a cancer survivor, it was becoming more important to me to live in a way that I would have as little exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals as possible.  I knew I needed to get rid of some toxins that were in every single product inside of my home. I had no idea how to get started so my daughter and I began to research products and ideas. For several weeks we texted and called back and forth about information we were reading and discovering.  After much diligence and crossing off several ideas we began to think seriously about the essential oils.  We looked up EO companies and found out as much about their histories and practices as we could before finally settling in with Young Living.  I trust the purity and safety standards this company adheres to.  Talk about integrity!  Seed to Seal!  No other company in the world has that kind of guarantee of strict watchfulness over production. Since everything we put on our bodies ends up in our bodies purity is big!  These oils can be used safely on and in our bodies to help us support our systems and healthy lifestyles.  Essential oil infused products can be used all around the home for cleaning and even for taking care of our pets.

My desire is to help those I love and people I come in contact with on a daily basis to know the awesome benefits of Young Living products.  By the way, essential oils have been used since Bible times and they are still seen as valuable in our time.  That says a lot to me about their practicality and effectiveness.

I love my journey with Young Living! My family gets the best!