Started using oils Sept. 2015
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Nedra M. Linton 

Essential Oil Interests: Preventative Health with Oils, Oils and Cooking


When I started with Young Living, I have to admit…I was skeptical but the more I’ve used the oils, the more my life has improved. I am amazed at the purity of the oils and integrity of this company. It’s amazing to me that I’ve had all these awesome oils at my fingertips for years, but yet, had never used them. I’ve never experienced such improvement in my health. I have never felt better. My new saying is “There’s an YL oil for that!!”

I also never realized how great a chemical-free home could be. Quick and easy cleaning is welcome in my home.

Soon after beginning with Young Living, I had the awesome opportunity to go to Jordan Shrandt’s “Diamond Bound 1.0” in Branson, MS. Wow, what an experience, and as I learned so many things about Young Living Oils, I learned that I could really make this work, all I wanted to do was share with people, if I hear someone say they have a need, I can quickly say, I have a solution that can improve your life beyond belief. My goal is to share with everyone I know, and know everyone I share with!!

Where do I go from here? Forward! How can I use Young Living Oils and not go forward? This company is amazing and my journey is just beginning! Our organization is living and leading in a mighty way. We love God, love Young Living and love sharing how our lives have been improved each and every day.

Unfortunately, my immediate family and my husband’s family have suffered from very serious, life-threatening illnesses, particularly cancer, and learning about true health and wellness became my goal. I discovered that oils play a crucial role in being well. I truly love to read and learn, and naturally, I also love to teach, so I have been excited to teach about all that I have discovered! Sharing Young Living, the importance of a chemical-free home and health with others has been such a pleasure, and I feel truly blessed to be able to do that. I love to walk alongside others and help them grow in their journeys, and I’d love to do that for you, too! The way my family lives now has been a true lifestyle change, and I’d love the opportunity to share that lifestyle with you!