The Amazing NingXia

NingXia Red® is a powerful antioxidant drink that contains whole Ningxia wolfberry puree—a super blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices, natural stevia extract, grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract, and orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils.

  • A Chinese wolfberry fruit tree native to the NingXia region of northern China

  • Wolfberry legends and records of ancient Chinese medicine reach back 5,000 years

  • The antioxidant (ORAC) scores for well-known super foods like raspberries is 1,220; for strawberries it is 1,540; blueberries is 2,400; and wolfberries are at an amazing 25,300 in their ORAC value (which means they are above and beyond a super food!)

  • There has been extensive research done on the chemistry and nutritional profile of the NingXia wolfberries, and it is the main ingredient in Young Living’s NingXia Red, NingXia Nitro and Zyng.

    Ningxia Nitro combines pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils with naturally powerful ingredients to clear the mind and enhance mental fitness, while also providing a boost of energy and daily pick-me-up when needed. Did we mention they're amazing?

    Need to kick your soda habit?
    ZYNG is a light, sparkling beverage that delivers a splash of hydrating energy. Its benefits are fueled by its proprietary blend of pure lime and black pepper essential oils, wolfberry puree, and white tea extract. Added to this blend is sparkling water and vitamins to create a unique and refreshing experience. At only 35 calories per can, this guilt-free spritzer invigorates the senses without the use of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives, making it the perfect option for those looking for a little ZYNG!