Started using oils Aug. 2013
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
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Rachel Colley

Essential Oil Interests: Oils for the Whole Family, Preventative Health with Oils


11In college, I developed a passion for health and wellness due to a long family history of unhealthy people. Early in our marriage, my husband and I started a journey to live as simply and as “chemical free” as possible. While we felt like we were on a good path, there were still a lot of areas in which we were lacking. About a year after our first son was born, a friend of mine introduced me to Young Living, and I was blown away by the research and integrity of the company. While I was still skeptical about the effectiveness of oils due to my background in the medical field, we decided to take the plunge anyway. I ordered the Premium Starter Kit, and the rest is history. One pollen-filled fall day and a few drops of lavender is all it took to create a lifelong enthusiasm for natural remedies and specifically, Young Living.

My personal focus is the use of essential oils and nutrition in preventative health and wellness. I believe that modern medicine plays a key part in the health and treatment of our community, so I emphasize the need for balance. If we can prevent the need for pharmaceuticals and invasive treatments with natural remedies, I’m all for it. My family is so grateful for the myriad of Young Living oils and products that make the process of striving for wellness, purpose, and abundance an easy one.