Started using oils December 2014
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Rebecca Maestri 

Essential Oil Interests: Oils for the Whole Family, Oil Research


I first became acquainted with Young Living when my mother joined as a member in November 2013. At first I was very skeptical of essential oils but it wasn’t long before I became a true believer after seeing firsthand the benefits all ages could experience. Before I was able to afford to become a member my mother and sister would always share and give me oils to help with any health concern I or my family had…AND we had several! Astonished by how much Young Living had changed my entire family’s life,including our pet,I have a growing passion to share that with others in hopes to help improve another’s life. Throughout my research I have become more aware of all the chemicals and toxins that our environment is inundated with and never realized what impact it holds on the nature of how things work in our bodies. Having a company like Young Living, whom holds such high standards on behalf of their seed to seal guarantee and testing has reassured my confidence to being able to live a more healthy and abundant life. No other company can compete with Young Living’s commitment to quality.

Essential oils have done so much for my mind, body, and spirit! For the everyday health, beauty, and household products I am forever thankful to Young Living for giving my family and I a more natural and sensible way of living.