Started using oils June 2014
Wife, Mother, Homeschooler
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Tabitha Blaney

Essential Oil Interests: Oils and Homesteading, Oils and DIY Recipes


dsc_4484My family and I have been on this journey to better health since Fall of 2011. We began changing our diet, our lifestyle, and our mindset of what the purpose of food really is. We were reading labels, growing our own vegetables, and declaring a “why” behind our choices. We were being intentional! Our health improved, our quality of life improved, and our ability to share our experience became exciting!

Then, in the spring of 2014, a close friend of mine told me, “I really want to talk to you about these essential oils, I think you need to know about them.” I put her off, not understanding the depth of what she was going to tell me. Then one day she was able to demonstrate with my two year old how they can help calm a little one, who really needed the help. After that, I listened! She told me about Young Living and their Seed to Seal promise. She encouraged me to do my own research so I could discover answers to my questions, knowing I could go back to her if I needed. And I did, a lot. Our journey just got more exciting!

From then on, I have been researching, using, and attending classes about essential oils. We have continued removing toxins from our home and teaching classes using DIY recipes to replace synthetic products we had. We are part of a fantastic support system and have so many resources at our fingertips! I love to learn, especially when it impacts my family positively; and I love sharing that information with others so they can benefit also. This is such a rewarding journey!

By being a Young Living member, and sharing with and teaching others, we are earning enough every month to pay for all the oils and oil-infused products we use! Our health and our faith in and understanding of God’s creation has grown stronger! The journey to homesteading and living simply and using essential oils in our daily lives is exciting! Being able to include and teach our four children to be intentional with their choices, as we are, is humbling. We are very thankful for this adventure, and everything we are learning along the way!