Living It Out has been dubbed as such because that’s what the members of this group are doing: living out lives of healthier eating, healthier cleaning, healthier alternatives to medicines and bath/body/beauty products. We are truly living this thing out…not trending with cool ideas or fad diets. We are just real people with normal lives, and trying to be healthier – which ANYONE can live out. For many of us, being introduced to Young Living Essential Oils was our catalyst to make some big changes for our families.


Nothing about using essential oils is complicated. People thousands of years ago from Biblical times used these oils…with no college degree. Just like anything, there are precautions to take (don’t rub them too close to your eye without diluting, dilute on small children & animals, and read further precautions if you’re pregnant, nursing or on various medications).

We are committed to unashamedly serving Jesus Christ, first. Second comes our families. After that, we care about people…we love people and we want to see them lead healthy, happy lives. Cancer, disease, disorders and dysfunctions ail too many of our lives. This is serious, y’all. Get those toxins out of your house! Join us on this journey of health & life abundant…we’re Living It Out!

The Living It Out Team